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Tapping (EFT) to release fear

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Have you come across videos on this thing called EFT or maybe your friend told you how she did a tapping practice and felt so much better after?

More and more people are learning this technique and for good reason.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a blend of accupressure, mindfulness, meditation, journaling, affirmations and therapy… all in less than 5 minutes!

On top of that, it is a practice that requires ZERO tools and you can do completely on your own once you learn the sequence of points and basic technique.

Here is an introductory video on the technique, the sequence, and a run through of tapping to release fear.

If this video helped you, let me know with a like and/or a comment. If you have any questions leave them down below or in the comments section on youtube.

Sending you so much LOVE.


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