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Mindfulness Meets Manifestation

You have likely heard the term mindfulness. Mindfulness in its most basic (and most profound) essence is the practice of being in the present moment- being present as an observer of reality from a standpoint of loving-kindness and non-judgement.

In my experience as a practitioner and coach, mindfulness is also the key to quantum manifestation. Not only is mindfulness the key to manifestation, it is also the key to maintaining and growing your manifestations with every next level.

I have created a brief outline to develop a mindset toward mindfulness, desirable manifestation, and spiritual development:

M: Motion. Committing daily to movement allows new energy to flow in and old or stuck energy to flow out. Just like how energy moves through your house, there is a much different feeling to a house that is free from clutter and has space for energy to circulate freely. Keep yourself in inspiration by getting into your body more and out of your head.

I: Inspired Action. There is nothing wrong with hustle. An even better strategy than hustling for the sake of hustle is action from a place of alignment and focus. From this place you step into a state of flow and ease and out of force. We are co-creators with the universe and we experience much more ease and flow when we allow the universal flow to create with us and do some of the heavy lifting. This assistance could come in the form of other people wanting to help you, unexpected time or resources, or an unexpected opportunity that catapults you further and faster in the direction you wanted to go.

N: No time like the present. All power we have is right here in this moment. Our whole life is a collection of 'this moment'. We can reflect on the past and plant seeds for the future, but ultimately we live in the present. When not reflecting or imagining, ground into the present and focus on the next step. Accept what is and make space for what is to come by being present.

D: Daily Gratitude. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you can be in. It is hard to feel any negative emotions when you are feeling gratitude. It’s as if anything that could seem to bother you becomes elevated and infused with light when you respond to it with gratitude. There are countless studies on the vast array of benefits reaped by daily gratitude. Your gratitude practice has a compound effect: you send gratitude out into the universe and in turn it will send you more blessings to be grateful for. A big part of mindfulness in its traditional practice is loving-kindness and compassion towards self and others. An attitude of gratitude encapsulates and catapults your mindfulness practice.

F: Faith. This one is a biggie. Underneath every action is a feeling, a belief, and a pattern. Fear has a way of creeping in anytime you step slightly outside your comfort zone. Transforming any moment of fear into an opportunity for growth is to acknowledge and accept the fear, and consciously choose faith over fear anyway. We are humans and we will feel fear. However, we don’t have to let it be in the driver's seat. Allow fear to sit in the way backseat or in a sidecar and tell it you don’t want its input. Manifestation is fueled by feelings and faith.

U: Unlimited Possibilities of the 'how'. When manifesting something into your life, it is your job to determine what it is and feel as if you already have it. It is not your job to control every step of the “how” because the universe sees all and can rearrange things in a way of least resistance. Be open to unexpected ways to see your manifestation to fruition and take inspired action from a place of faith and gratitude.

L: Like attracts like. This is the law of attraction, and it works with other universal laws. On a vibration level, whatever vibration we offer, will be amplified and shown back to us. I call this the compound effect. Many people get stuck in thinking that having a negative feeling will throw everything off. Yes, you want to stay positive and inspired but it is more important to keep your thoughts on a positive outcome/positive trajectory rather than forcing happy thoughts. Every negative thought is an opportunity to raise your consciousness by consciously accepting the thought, and choosing the next best thought that is aligned with faith, love, and light.

For more terms, definitions, mindfulness practices and scientific studies, here is a great resource for you to explore:

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