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I have had Ms. Amber Kemp for more than a year now as my massage therapist. I am a cyclist and I always seek for regular massages as one of my healthy regimen. With Amber’s various modalities of training in her field, I find wellness with not just my body but mind and soul as well. Her excellent practice cannot be describe in a few words you must go seek her.

Lito S.

"Amber Kemp is an accomplished massage therapist. She has sensitive hands and a feel for the particular needs of her clients. She is strong and yet gentle, each as befits the need. But more than than, Amber has the gift of healing both body and spirit; she recognizes that the two are inextricably linked. For the client-I am one- who generally prefers not to talk during massage therapy, she is fully respectful of that preference. On the other hand, Amber is intelligent, articulate, and wise; take the opportunity to get to know her, perhaps before or after therapy."

Richard G.

Very professional. Very knowledgeable. Extremely personable & helpful during our session focusing on the tension areas we’d discussed before the massage began. The massage started a little later than expected because there was some difficulty with parking, but Amber made sure we had our full session’s worth. She even spent time afterwards showing me a useful stretch for some tight muscles. Excellent!

Sarah H.

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