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This Ritual Kit offers Ayurvedic tools to balance & support the body’s delicate transition through menopause with hormone balancing herbs & cooling aromatherapy. Honor the next stage of womanhood as you realign with the ageless beauty of the divine feminine.

Made in United States of America

  • Size


    1 x Woman’s Blend Tea (8 oz canister)

    1 x Heart Tea Infuser

    1 x Pitta Spritzer (4 fl oz)

  • How to Use

    HOW TO USE Tea Directions:

    Squeeze the handle of the Heart Tea Infuser to open. Place the desired amount of Woman’s Blend Tea into the infuser. Close the infuser by releasing the handle. Submerge the tea-filled infuser into freshly boiled water & let your herbs steep to their desired potency (follow recommended steep times on the back of your tea canister). Set intentions of self-love & ease while your herbs steep. Once your tea has brewed, remove your infuser from the tea & discard the herbs from the infuser. Sip slowly & enjoy! Spritzer Directions: Shake. Spritz liberally on face & body. Inhale deeply.

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$62.10Sale Price
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